The nature that surround us and our fields is our essence so we promisse to always take care of it


The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) was developed by the Global Organic Textile Standard International Working Group so that brands and consumers will have the certitude that wool products proceed from sheep bred respecting their Five Freedoms and also it guarantees the best practices in the management and protection of the land.

Each stage in the production and commercialization of products is certified, starting with the wool producers and finishing with the final link in the commercial chain. Every farm is audited by a certification body according to the requirements of animal welfare and land management during times of highest risk.

The basic principles of RWS are:
Protection of animal welfare: The Five Freedoms are protected at all times Freedom from Hunger and Thirst and malnutrition
Freedom from Fear and Distress
Freedom from Discomfort Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease
Freedom to Express Normal Behavior by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind.

Preserving Land Health
Responsible management of the land is practices on RSW farms ensures the protection of the soil, native species and biodiversity. The progressive method of land management is essential for its preservation. Producers must understand the impact of the loss of biodiversity in their land and apply responsible production methods to preserve it. The RWS certification ensures consumers that the wool products come from responsibly managed farms and meet RWS’ requirements.

Supply Chain Traceability
The identity of RWS wool is maintained at all times: from the farm to the final product.

Credible certification
A professional independent certification body audits each stage of the supply chain.

Only products with 100% certified wool are allowed to carry the RWS logo.

ORGANICA PRECIOUS FIBER CERTIFICATION Premium wool fiber and product traceability.

We are experiencing a significant change in the demand of natural products and wool is one of its major players.

Sustainability and economic growth in the production of garments depends to a large extent on the socio-economic welfare of producers and their communities. ORGANICA PRECIOUS FIBER is a World leader in Merino wool. Its certification guarantees that the garments produced by brands are authentic and made with natural fibers respecting the environment and animal welfare.

The global market is increasingly demanding natural, eco-friendly, organic and sustainable products within a supply chain that is socially, ethically and most importantly environmentally responsible.

To achieve this high standard of demand, production is controlled from the source for the highest fiber quality. Organic wool is a material produced in strict compliance with established protocols for life quality of animals and the sustainability of exploitation.

Organic farming is a production system that uses natural inputs and is free of pesticides and fertilizers, chemical synthesis, thus promoting the sustainability of care systems and natural resources.

• Our wool is guaranteed from the beginning, inspected and certified throughout the value chain.

• The most technical natural fiber in the world, renewable and biodegradable.

• It is created from the purity of water, natural grass, the sun and the cold Patagonian environment.

Organic Merino Koshkil Wool is certified by “OIA”.
Our wools are of the highest quality and softness, while also ensuring the smallest possible environmental impact. The International Agricultural Organization is the main signature of wool Organic Certification. More info: OIA ARGENTINA

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